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Melanie wrote at 2016-07-22 14:50:47
You asked me to follow up what anti-virus and anti-spyware applications are on your system (all) and which ones I am actively using, and what system are I am using. Here are my details: My operating system is Windows 10 and I have a paid subscription for the full AVG suite, which includes antivirus, firewall, identity, web and email protection. My ISP is AOL paid service, which includes McAfee Antivirus, which I haven't used and thought was disabled. I also have their Assist by AOL add-on which provides 24/7 remote assistance for any hardware or software issue. I've used this a few times to resolve internet problems satisfactorily, but afterwards found my CD drive would eject any discs I tried to play. A system check said the hardware was running OK, but the ejection issue persisted.  

As I mentioned, after your response, I had someone I know look at my system to see if anything was tampered with during the time the supposed Omnitech rep had control of my computer. This tech fixed my CD drive and now it is operating as it should. However, it was found I could have had the 2 antivirus programs conflicting with one another. The system information that was stopped or wait timed was mostly restored. Everything seemed OK after the service call, but when I had to restart the computer, it took about 5 minutes, when normally it is about 1 minute. Also I noticed when using MS Word, on the list of save destinations at the left of the screen there were numerous alpha numeric entries among the normal apps. After trying to save a document, the destination box read "appdata>roaming," and it was difficult to find the document again later. I then disabled the weird entries, and things seem OK for now, but I'm still not sure who did what to cause strange things to happen. As a tech novice myself, I have explained the situation to the best of my limited ability. Do you think there are still some underlying issues I'm not aware of yet? If so, can you fix them?  

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