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QUESTION: I found a youtube downloader in the Windows app store and in my experience youtube downloaders have malware in them. A Microsoft person assured me that if it is in their store it has been throughly checked out and from a trusted source. Do you think it should be safe than?


I would have been great if you could have provided a link to the downloader, but no worries - if you're referring to this one:

it HAS been "checked out" and can be trusted (no malware). I'd read the reviews too, to get a good sense of what others think of it.

Also, check out the alternatives on a reputable site. Many have been tested and are spyware and virus free.

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QUESTION: My other concern is it maybe malware free now, but it probably accesses a different site for updates and the updates may contain baddie ware.

ANSWER: What is "malware free now"? Please be specific and provide direct links to the applications or tools you're referring to. TI don't even know what system you're on, what anti-spyware and virus application you have running or anything else.

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QUESTION: I'm still talking about the youtube downloader on the Microsoft site. I'm worried any updates the software gets will be from a third party site namely the ones that created the software. In other words the version on the Microsoft page may be clean, but couldn't updates from the ones that make the software insert something nasty into it?

You have nothing to worry about. Updates come from the application's site or itself, or from reputable third parties.

You have to do your own due diligence about who's reputable or not, but and download two of them.

In other words, I can't tell you whether all your updates will come directly from their site. This a freebie and hosting on reputable, safe, secure updates in normal for safe freebies.

Yes, there are fake sites out there, but I can't tell you which ones. That changes all the time.

Maybe I'm mistaken, but it appears you're doubting me based on generalities that don't apply in this case and require some due diligence on your part. Please don't rate me if that's the case.
I just hope I put your major fears to rest - there's not much more I can say about this subject, so j just hope I've put your major fear to rest or at least given you confidence and direction to move forward..


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