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I was contacted by phone numerous times in the past 2 weeks about a security breach to my system, and that my Omnitech support agreement was expired. Since I have up to date virus protection, I didn't pick up the phone when it was ID'd as a private caller or an 800 number, so these calls went to voicemail. I may have used Omnitech in the past as I have with other remote computer services, but I don't recall when. I just wanted these calls to stop, so the last one showed an 800 number on my caller ID, , which I called back to let them know I'm not interested. A woman with an Indian accent answered and told me about a threat that someone was trying to access my personal information, and the calls were a warning. I guess it was to gain my confidence when she offered to show me proof. Since she already knew who I was, I let her take control of my computer. She pulled up a log showing a long list of applications that were already stopped because of a so-called worm invasion. I didn't recognize most of them, but a few were marked "time wait," which she said meant that they were waiting for the right moment, probably during a banking or credit card transaction to view my personal data. To remove this threat I would have to pay $500 for lifetime protection. A red flag immediately went up, and I refused to pay out this exorbitant sum before checking out the legitimacy of the originator, whether it was really Omnitech or a scam. I learned that Omnitech does not operate in this manner, so it probably was a scam. Now I am concerned that I let this woman take over control and just wonder what kind of information she was able to get. I then did a scan of my system and it did show my privacy setting was disabled, so I immediately re-enabled it. Thankfully, no other threats were found. Still I am afraid something harmful may happen later on. Based on my explanation, is there a way to prevent further invasion of my system?

You'll need to spend some time and effort checking your system for all kinds of spyware, viruses, rootkits, Trojans...
What anti-virus and anti-spyware applications are on your system (all) and which ones are you actively using, and what system are you using. I need details in order to assist.

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