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Jim, hi. I need your help,. I have a T mobile hot spot.
When I sign on to WIFI my sign on name shows up twice in the Wifi
Area. For example,. I will see SECURE CRAZY123 Then it repeats
Secure CRAZY123 2  What is causing and how can I fix this.
Thank you Kenny

Hi Kenneth,

Note the #11 post on this thread:

" was very simple. i just opened the "network and sharing center" and then i clicked 'manage wireless networks' and then i just deleted the duplicate manually..."

It could even be as simple as turning off your Wi-Fi and turning it on again -  and to avoid the problem in the future, keeping your Wi-Fi turned off using the Connection Switch until you're ready to go online instead of keeping it on all the time.  However, this solution depends on several factors, and I don't have enough info about your system and network.

Trying not to make this complicated for you (and willing to reply if you provide more info) others have had the same problem. If the above solutions don't work, please review the following posts.  

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