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Hello, I'm 18 years old, overweight, with a cup size of 42D. With the way I am built, I'm able to hide a lot of unattractive areas. I've recently started working out, have added Chia seeds to my diet while doing my best to eat healthier.
Anyway, I hate the way my breasts look without a bra. I feel like an old woman when I look at myself in the mirror... If I lose weight, will my breasts be reduced dramatically and get rid of that saggy look? I want to be able to walk around my dorm without a bra and not feel so self conscious.. They aren't down to my navel, but just above my inner elbows.


I think you're off on a good track and firming up breasts is in fact easier than you think. Of course there are exercises that help you focus on the breast muscles, or what the experts call 'pectoral muscles'. This is by far the most effect way to firm up breasts apart from surgery (which I personally do not recommend.) You can learn more about the exercise here!

Do it 12 reps/ session , 2-3 sessions per day .. try to do at least 2-3 days in a week and you should start getting results within the 1st month.

Hope that helps!

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Concerns about Breast Size

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