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Hi Claire,

I'm 32 years old and I'm really not that happy with my boobs. I have a beautiful 3 year old daughter who means the world to me, but my boobs are not what I want them to be!

My two biggest concerns are how saggy they've become and my areolas, so any advice you can give me I will really appreciate.

I'll start with the saggy story. Even before having a baby, my boobs were really not that firm. I honestly think they started to sag when I was in college. And it's not like I have really big ones either. I'm back to 36B (which is the same size I was before getting pregnant), but they did increase to 38D by my 9th month of pregnancy. Now they are embarrassingly saggy. I did a "sag test" I saw online and yes, I can hold a pen under my boob without dropping it. :(  And when I lie down, my boobs flatten to the sides like pancakes.

The other problem is with my areolas. Again, even before getting pregnant my areolas were bigger than they should be. My husband would always point out that I had D-cup areolas on B-cup boobs. He didn't mean it as an insult (he is kind of weird in that he thinks big nipples are sexy), but I would just hide my embarrassment and smile. I've always been self-conscious about them and used to get teased by a couple of my roommates in college who had bigger boobs than me, but smaller and more proportionate nipples. My nickname was "eggs over easy". Again, they didn't say it in a mean way, and I would just laugh with them because I've never been the kind of person who tells others when they say something that bothers me. Anyways, during my pregnancy, my areolas became ridiculously large and also really dark. Three years later, they are slightly lighter in color and basically back to the same size as before...which is still too big.

I refuse to change my body with plastic surgery, but are there any natural ways to deal with these problems? I would love to at least once in my life have confidence when I take off my bra. I know the only people who get to see my boobs now that I'm married are my husband and doctor, but I've always had a fantasy to go to a topless beach and show off!! Lol!! Or at least not be embarrassed! Any advice Claire?

Hi Maritza,

To answer your 1st question, there are actually many non-surgical ways to firm up your breasts and these methods are safe and very effective. The only thing is you will have to willing to put in the work and be committed to it. You can begin with some massage program which you should do twice daily (preferably after shower). Do some simple massaging techniques that takes less than 5 minutes. (you can read more about it here:

Exercises are known to do great jobs at firming up breasts. Here's the post about it with instructions of the workouts:

Here's my answer to your 2nd question. To make the areolas less visible and lighter, you can use lightening creams with natural ingredients such as licorice, vitamin C,and arbutin. This type of creams is very popular in Asia as in Asian culture, they prefer have lighter skin color without dark spots or freckles. Apply the cream on the nipple area after you finish the massage. I believe that you will start to see some results after a month of using.

One heads-up though, whatever you choose to do to firm your breasts, don't use the breast enhancement pumps as some people experience increase of the nipple size.

Hope I answered your questions! Keep me updated on your progress. :)
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