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Hey Claire,
I have a question about weight loss and breast size. I've always had pretty small breasts. They are a 36B. I've always wanted bigger but been satisfied with what I have. Summer is coming up so I really wanted to start losing weight so I can finally have the bikini body I've always wanted. I'm having second thoughts about any weight loss though for fear that I will completely lose my boobs. My two sisters are extremely and have absolutely NO boobs at all. I think the only reason I have boobs is because I've always been chubbier than them. Is there a natural way to keep my boobs or get them bigger while working out to lose weight?
Thank you,

Hey Margaret,

It is certainly a  dilemma! The truth is for us women to be able to grow breasts naturally we need to have around 23-25% body fat . Too skinny and you will surely lose the inches around the chest area, and if you have too much body fat, you won't be able to grow either (hormonal imbalance caused by being overweight). So if you feel like you will be healthier losing a few pounds, do so but do it the healthy way. Crash diet never works! So instead cut down on sugary foods, start eating more salad and lean protein. Do massage your chest area with coconut oil or progesterone cream after shower twice a day. And you should be able to keep or even grow more chest while slimming down the midsection.

Hope that helps!  You can read more about natural breast enhancement on my blog here:

Good luck! ;)

Here's a little more information about how to lose belly fat fast the healthy way:

Concerns about Breast Size

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