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Im sweta 20yr, my breast is too large as compare to other girls my weight is 52, i feel uncomfortable can u suggest me to how reduce the size of my breast?

There are two proven ways to reduce breast size, one being the surgery which I don't recommend. Another known cause for loss of breast size is weight loss. And since it sounds like you have an ideal weight (if you're at least 160 cms tall), I don't recommend losing weight for it.

What you can do to make sure that your bust doesn't become the problem for your health is to work on back muscle strength. Strength training and yoga are great for that.

Also body posture and the dressing tips can do dramatic improvement in how your bust may appear.
Always walk with your back straight, wear tops that are with small prints, in darker colors will help minimize the size, or draw attention away.

Hope my answer helps. Good luck! :)

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Concerns about Breast Size

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