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Concerns about Breast Size/Are my breasts growing again?


Im 17 and a half years old. 115 lbs. And about  5'3".
I got my first period when i was a couple days from turning 15.
My breast size is a 32A to this day.
I have been taking the birth control shot depo provera for a bit over a year now. My periods are very rare because of it, which is fine with me.
Lately my breasts have been sore on the sides and tender to the touch. Sometimes they itch at the bottom if my breast or by/on my nipple.  It has been like this for a bit over a week now. Are my breasts finally growing again? Or could this be a side effect of the shot? Or could it be my clothing? Or what?
Im really hoping they're growing because i dislike my size.

I didn't start growing mine until I was 21 years old. So there's no need to worry.
Although maintaining healthy lifestyle and hormonal balance will certainly help.

I don't really recommend using birth control shots to regulate your cycles. It's the conventional medical practice that I'm not 100% supporting.

With that said, I don't recommend you messing up your hormones even more with the herbal remedies. But I will recommend that you get your blood tested to find out if you're estrogen dominant or not. That way you can determine whether you will using the herbs that are high in female hormones like Pueraria Mirifica or prolactin, progesterone herbs like Saw Palmetto, Wild yam, etc. The goal is you get your hormone balanced. And when that comes, along with the healthy growth of breast size, the regular periods.

Hope that helps..

PS. What you're experiencing might be a sign of breast growth. With that said, I still don't really recommend the birth control shots, if it were for the pregnancy prevention purpose.

Best wishes,
Claire for

Concerns about Breast Size

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