Concerns about Genital Size/Penis


Kevin Shore wrote at 2013-01-22 05:30:33
Its been a few years since this question was posted. But I'd like to answer your question about the foreskin.

The best thing to do is to apply heat, that will 'warm up' the penis, relax the blood vessels and skin, and you should be able to pull it back. I would recommend a warm hand towel (wet in warm/hot water), or put rice in a sock and heat it in the microwave. Heat applications also promotes bloodflow, so your penis might grow more than not doing that, especially if you start at your age.

Good luck!

Concerns about Genital Size

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Kate Rosling


I can answer a lot of questions regarding male and female genital sizes. I can answer if your penis size is normal for your age; tightness/looseness of the vagina and ways to to fix them. Any questions about abnormalities about your penis or vagina. A lot of the time, genital size is a psychological problem, and people tend to think what they see in adult films is what everyone should be. That is really not the case. A little self-esteem boost is really all one needs.


I wouldn't say I have a lot of experience with penis's since I am female, but I do know the statistics of penis size, the normal size for certain ages, the abnormalities of the penis, due to extensive research. Being female though, I do know about the vagina and any problems related to it, including statistics and such.

I have a certificate as a Woman's Health Practitioner and a BA is Psychology from John Hopkins University.

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