Concerns about Genital Size/Too big?


Okay so im Tyler, My question is that im 16 and my penis is 8 inches long (Im not sure how big around it is) is it too big? My boyfriend doesn't like recieving anymore because he says it causes him pain now. It never used to be like that and I have always started off slow... So is it too big for my age and everything?

Hi Tyler-

Eight inches is bigger than average, yes. The average erect penis is about 5.5 inches, but does that mean its too big: No. It really depends on your mate. Your penis can grow to about the age of 18, but it will probably stay about the size it is now. Some people like a larger penis, while others don't; its just a matter of opinion.

I'm sorry your bf find it painful to have sex with you now, but maybe if you take it slower, he can get use to it.

Concerns about Genital Size

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