Concerns about Genital Size/testicles problems


i feel that my right testicles is being stretched internally since one month. Now since 2 or 3 days i have little pain in my right testicles. Kindly guide me what may be the problem for it. Suggest some medicine or guide me what to do.
Deepak kumar


Testicular pain could be caused by any number of problem but the "stretching" sensation your describing could be an indication of a rare phenomenon known as testicular torsion and its not really known how its caused, but it is a form of trauma and its characterized by severe pain, inflammation, and ultimately it can lead to testicular atrophy if not taken care of. I would make an appointment to see your physician immediately if I were you to make sure you're ok. OR it could be an indication of something else like a inguinal hernia, which is also something serious and that has to be corrected with surgery. Either way you have to see a doctor, so make an appointment and see your physician.



Concerns about Genital Size

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