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I am a 25 year old female and my boyfriend is 28.  He is so wonderful and I love him.  We have been together for only six months, but have been friends for years.  A couple years ago, well before we started dating, we tried hooking up.  However, I was immediately turned off because I was shocked at the small size of his penis (horrible and pathetic, I know).  His penis is maybe 2 or 2 1/2 inches long when fully erect.  In the middle of fooling around, I called it off and, not wanting to offend him, told him that having sex would ruin our friendship.

After that, we stayed friends.  He tried to get me to go out with him a few times over the course of the next couple years, but I always turned him down simply because of his penis size (this was so shallow and ignorant of me to do).  

About 7 or 8 months ago, we started spending more time together after we'd both gone through bad breakups.  I started to really like him and became very attracted to him.  One night, we had sex.  It was incredible, regardless of the fact that he is so small.  I still kick myself for my ignorance, stupidity, and assumptions about his penis, which prevented me from dating him.

We started dating exclusively a couple months later.  The sex I have had with him is the best sex I have ever had!  He is so sweet, he takes his time, and I just love the way he touches me.  I don't know if the sex is so wonderful because he just knows how to please me, or if it's because of our chemistry and interest in each other. Maybe both.

Anyway, I am quite satisfied.  But I worry that maybe he's not.  I worry that he spends so much time trying to please me, that maybe I'm not fully satisfying him.  

Because of the size of his penis, we have to get sort of creative in positions we try.  Common positions are cowgirl, doggie, and reverse cowgirl (and variations of them).  He usually likes me to choose the position and sort of take control.  I really want to switch things up a little, just to keep it fun and interesting for him.  

What positions can I try that I haven't tried yet?  What are some good positions for men who are a lot less endowed?  What else can I do to make sure that my boyfriend is sexually satisfied?  I welcome any advice you might have.

Hi Janet,

It makes me happy that you're happy! Usually, I receive the message from the guy suggesting that maybe he ISNT pleasing his partner, but it sounds like this isn't the case. How do you know your boyfriend doesn't enjoy himself? Does he get off? I do realize that the challenges of a micropenis are far and wide because your attempts at foreplay on your partner could be cumbersome. In this case, I think its important to ask him what you could do to please him more because clearly you love what he's doing to you! There's nothing wrong with asking questions in a relationship. Get back to me once he's given you some responses.



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