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I have concerns about the size of my penis, and the fact that some times I get erections that last for hours, and get really hard that they hurt, even when I try masturbating after 4 times of it, they are still hard, now my friend's mom is a nurse. I'm 26 she said I could ask her whatever medical questions I have, and she would answer to the best of her knowledge, or refer me to a doctor, I'm also worried about the size of my penis. Would you be willing to help me, or do you think I should ask her?

Whoa! Stop the presses! I switched this question to public because it represents a VERY important health irregularity that a great deal of men NEVER talk about and that's either erectile dysfunction, or in your case a difficult-to-get-rid-of erection. What you're describing is a condition known as priapism, which happens when blood fills up the corpus cavernosum (the hollow chambers in your penis) and after orgasm, or its possible to experience no orgasm at all because this is a form of erectile dysfunction, the blood doesn't leave. What you experience is the clotting of the blood (which is never supposed to happen) and the blood causes pressure amounting to sometimes excruciating pain as the dorsal nerve becomes impinged.

The fact that you're asking me means you haven't spoken to your mom's nurse friend, so allow me to tell you that NO that isn't normal and get yourself to a primary care provider as soon as that happens again because it could mean the end to you getting an erection EVER again! Most priapism cases are caused by low-flow or pressure that builds slowly and therefore is slower to clear out. That can be caused by sickle-cell anemia, medications, or even types of cancer. You shouldn't risk the health and function of your anatomy over anxiety, so please follow-up with a primary care provider or specialist known as an urologist. Stay safe.


Concerns about Genital Size

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