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Concerns about Genital Size/different textured labias..?


Is it normal for one labia to have a different texture than the other? My left labia is small with finger-like projections on the edges and skin tag looking bumps on the vulva... and my right labia is large, full, wrinkly, but smooth. I got the bumps on my left labia checked out, and was told it's just my skin texture. I noticed one more skin tag like bump recently on the left side. I was just wondering if all this is normal ...?

Hi A,

I do consider this to be quite normal for the same reason men have two different size testicles; one is larger than the other. Everyone has different quirks about their anatomy and especially when your specialist said there was nothing wrong should be an indicator that this is just a unique feature about you, so learn to live happily with it! Cheers.


Concerns about Genital Size

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