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I recently went on a trip to the Philippines to meet a woman I had been chatting to from a dating site for 9 ,months.  We spent one month together and went to the Island of Borocay, then to her Province.  We had a very romantic relationship and I thought the sex was great.  She is not a virgin and one of her boyfriends was 8 and a half inches in size.  Big black man.  Well, I am 6 inches and white.  5' 9" tall.  She says she fell in love with me and I can tell the difference, but 3 weeks ago she calls me up and Says " You have small dick", and is laughing with her friend.  It is some myth that all white men have big dick in the Phillippines.  I got really angry and hung up on them.  When she messages me back she says it is no big deal.  Her friends at the house she goes to on her day off always asks so she told them.  Then she says this to me on Skype a few days latter.  She is really tight compared to other women so I don't get it.  She says all Filipina like big dick.  So my question is, how can I gain some size to build my self esteem and not have this happen again?  It really is a big deal for men you know, but some women seem to think that way too.  I have a professional grade pump and bought some pills that may or may not work.  What can I do then?


Hate to burst your bubble, but you're born with what you have buddy. Only plastic surgery can change what you have and I don't condone those methods. I've been asked this questions NUMEROUS times by guys who think creams, pumps, pulls, and veggies can give them an extra inch or two and it's all physically impossible. There's nothing in medical literature that will allow you to "grow" your penis and a penis pump creates the illusion of length, but nothing more because all it is pressure that caused increased blood flow, but nothing more; it doesn't make you bigger. This is problem of body acceptance, so you should be more than happy with what you have and to hell with what she has to say because I'm sure what you have is beautiful and more that adequate my friend :)



Concerns about Genital Size

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