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Concerns about Genital Size/Where to get kanabo vitaballs testicular enhancement reservoir in nigeria


Hi,im jude,i had been masturbating for over five years now but recently stopped because i was noticing adverse penis and scrotum shrinkage,i wanted to stop so that i could rejuvenate my privates but alas i keep on ejaculating frequently in my sleep and im very frustrated and my penis/scrotum keeps shrinking first of all,i would like to know how to stop the wet dreams at night so as to rejuvenate naturally,and secondly pls,im in nigeria how can i get this kanabo testicular enhancement reservoir.pls i need help too embarassed to see a doctor,need a quick response.thank you


First of all, nocturnal emissions are completely normal and natural depending on your age and sex drive. Most men get erections at night and they have zero control over them; it just happens. As for "shrinkage" I am not quite sure what you mean, but the size of your man parts does not really change as you age. Testicles can sag as you grow older, but the penis does not shrink. You are probably overstimulated and your penis wants a break! It is possible to masturbate to much! As for "enhancement" there is NO such thing; I would never invest money, time, or energy into believe someone could enhance your libido or have you "grow a few inches" because clinically you are stuck with what you've always had. Libido pills are nothing but concentrated caffeine and penis pumps just engorge the area to make it look like you're bigger. Nothing but surgery itself (very painful) could change what you have and I would never endorse that.



Concerns about Genital Size

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