Concerns about Genital Size/avg penis size per race


Elly wrote at 2006-10-26 10:02:33
This response is a joke. My last black boyfriend is only 5 inches long, the longest i've ever seen was white (european).  

johnny wrote at 2007-05-17 00:50:46
i don't believe this answer, especially about the indians, if it means asian indians.

chinese are meant to be on the small side, especially in malaysis. ? 2-5 inches

northern europeans can be considered average

? 4.5 -7.5 inches, balts and russians probably have more incidences of occasional bigger (10 inch eg) ones than other northerners.

irish and french a bit bigger ? 5 - 9 inches

italians can be very large and fat, 6-14 inches but average around 8. greeks probably also average around 8, but probably range less ie 7 - 10 inches

arabs are said to have the longest average in the world, and quite consistent, so probably range 8-12 inches

asian indians are very varied, but on the whole larger than north europeans... its a big country so could say 5.5 - 12.5 inches

huge variety of sizes found in africa probably the least consistent in size.. say 4 - 16 inches, also sudanese and somalis said to be largest (very often 12 inches - perhaps as mixed with arabs) sudanese practise enlargement exercises, in parts of southern africa weights are tied to a boys penis to stretch it while it is growing. pygmies can look very good in porn, as it is huge compared to the leg.

americans of eurpean origin depends on there origin, but tends to be slightly larger than north european average, probably due to italian, irish and afro-american blood.

largest in world at present said to be an italian american... jo ? there ought to be a competition!!!

no idea about hispanics, native americans etc, suppose depends on roots as well, but dont know of the effect of amerindian blood. oh btw spanish are closer to north european than to other mediteranean, as are iranians.

central asians, except mongols, probably more similar to north europeans than to chinese.

pacific islanders eg hawaian natives said to be quite long and very fat.

famous lengths of the past were errol flynn (irish american) and charlie chaplin (mixed jewish english and other origins?). both said to be around 20 inches... but i dont really believe that.

Jason wrote at 2007-05-29 03:26:48
This is obviously a joke.

Johnny are you being sarcastic? If not then you are WAY off on those numbers...LOL The average penis size for the world is around 6".

Fair Dinkum Aussie Bloke wrote at 2010-01-14 02:07:50
It might help if you ignorant lot at lest got some basic facts correct.

Errol Flynn was born in Tasmania, which is a state in the Commonwealth of Australia - Both his parents originated from the UK, and he was most certainly neither a Septic (Septic Tank - Yank) or a Paddy (Irish)

bigD wrote at 2010-03-23 14:30:46
Fair the way Flynn is an irish surname, so Errol Flynn's family were genetically irish even if he was born in Australia or if his family lived in England at some point...genetically he was irish.

tyronehairston wrote at 2011-10-12 00:12:00
There are many common misconceptions about penis size in general, but especially regarding the differences between various racial/ethnic groups.  There is little evidence to support there being a significant size differences between the erect penis sizes of most races (especially between caucasian, hispanic, and black). Many of the largest, most diverse statistical analyses of penis size show there be a statistically insignificant difference in erect penis size of these three groups in particular (Hispanic - 5.9 inch avg; Caucasian - 6.1 inch avg; Black - 6.2 inch avg).  Erect Indian and Asian penises were somewhat smaller on average, but not dramatically (Indian - 5.4 inch avg; Asian - 5.1 inch avg)

However, there was a larger difference between the flaccid penis dimensions across these three groups (with black penises being apprx 0.5 inch longer on avg when flaccid), which may be one of the reasons behind the widely held belief that black penises are much larger than those of other races.

mike wrote at 2015-10-19 19:12:00
please attach a picture so i can adequately evaluate your size.

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