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I would like to have a patio built out of pavers.  I currently have an elevated deck and a 200 sq/ft concrete patio. The new patio will be much larger that the existing pad.  I think I have two options for the pavers.  One pour more concrete and lay all pavers over the concrete or dig out the existing pad and install pavers per their manufacture's recommendation. Here are my questions:

1.)  I currently have about 3" between the concrete slab and the bottom of my stucco wall.  Only 3" of foundation is exposed.  If I lay the pavers on top of the pad it will almost touch the stucco.  I believe this will cause drainage issues with the stucco but want to confirm.

2.) The current concrete pad supports one of the posts.  I am hoping that there is a deeper footing under the pad.  Assuming this is true is it possible to dig out the concrete around the pier and not structurally damage the post and footing?  If the pad and the footing were poured separately can the post sit on top of the remaining slab or do I need to dig out the footing and start new?

I think these are my only two options but let me know if you have any others or comment on the two questions above.  thanks



1.  I don't believe this will cause a drainage issue with the stucco.  A northern exposure is more likely to have mold/algae growth, but that's about it.  If it were a concern later, you could always remove that row of pavers, and it would revert back to the same drainage you had before.  I am assuming that you will be placing sand between the pavers as well, and these aren't "bricks" that are being mortared in place.  There are sealers out there, which is my area of specialty, that will seal the bricks and lock the sand in place, so you should check into that, so sand doesn't get washed away, and you're re-sanding every year or two.  Sealing will also reduce or eliminate the mold/algae growth if you do have a northern exposure.

2. The current patio concrete could be cut on the the footing, so you would have to re-do the footing for the deck.  If it is the same elevation you could likely do a bad job of cutting or breaking it off around the footing and cover it with pavers.


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