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Cracked stucco left side of window
Cracked stucco left si  

Cracked stucco right side of window
Cracked stucco right s  
Hello John,

The attached pic is the exterior wall that raises above the garage roof. I discovered this crack in the stucco. The house is 5 yrs old. What do you think about this crack? Does it look like the blocks or the wall might have a structural problem or does it look superficial? How would you recommend to repair it?

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A bit out of my expertise, however, I do see some evidence of moisture under the window running down beneath the window sill in the first picture.  You may want to make sure water is not getting behind the stucco.

I would keep an eye on it, and possibly contact someone locally that works on stucco.  I'm not at all familiar with block construction walls that you use in Florida.  Since the pictures appear to be on upper levels, I doubt that is the block movement is the cause.

Hope that helps!


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