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I have a slab of concrete that was poured last fall. The contactor sloped the concrete away from my house, but I am afraid he sloped it way too much.  It looks bad.  Can I pour a layer on top of that?  It would be only about two inches thick on the high side but much thicker on the low. Your opinion is greatly appreciated.

It is not a good idea, to add concrete over concrete.  The new won't really "stick" to the old.  This will later result in water getting between the old and new concrete and deteriorating.  

Additionally, the "thin" areas are going to be subject to breaking, where it is very thin.

There are specialty products that can be applied, but this is more of an overlay product that is typically installed by contractors, it's not normally a homeowner project.

If the slab is solid, and I don't know the size.  A mudjacking company may be able to lift and pier it into the position that you desire.



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