HI i am thinking of adding 9 feet to the side of my home. the existing area is itsself a room added on, and has about a 1.5 foot space under it although its basicly closed in aside from 2 small vents. I would like to add 9 feet to the length, and a second floor on the new and existing extention. the house is cape cod with a basement, and a loft/second floor room on the original part. the added room is just one story and i want to convert it to two story while bumping it out 9 feet. how can i do this as far as the foundation of it is concerned? can i just put posts? how does that work? also what is the cheapest option?
thank you!!

It sounds as if the work you want to do would require a permit in most if not all parts of the country. I am sure they would require plans and engineering to be done. Post would not likely work to answer your question. Not if you want this addition to last any length of time.



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