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I plan to remove some old floor tile and the foundation underneath is a ruff cement base. I will apply a self leveling concrete to fill in cracks and to smoothen the surface. But my main concern is cosmetic...will the finished floor of self leveling concrete have a simular color and textured look as in these images? If so, what clear sealer is best to achieve a high polished look? Basically I'm trying to inexpensively re-create the floors in the images with the same color scheme (with or without polishing).
Example Images:

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I just returned yesterday from the Concrete Decor show in Charlotte, NC.  I actually assisted in the advanced training of the class that was offered at the show on just this type of installation.

Really my first question is are you a contractor or professional, because what you are looking to do is perhaps the most technically challenging coating/installation in the decorative concrete field.  The variables in an installation like are tremendous.  

Asking for the best sealer is like asking which car is best.  There are options and agendas in nearly all such "recommendations"  If I sold Ford's I'd find a Ford that best suits your needs.

If you want this floor to last the number that we through out in the training was about $9/SF in materials, but that was for creating a terrazzo type floor system that would need diamond grinding/polishing and sealing with an epoxy coat.  This system would actually have 2 coats of epoxy, and likely a vapor barrier coat installed as well, which would almost certainly be needed in a basement application.

You must be certain that your self leveling coat will adhere to current substrate, or you'll end up removing it after a rather quick failure of the self leveler.

If I understand what you are looking to do correctly, I would not recommend the installation of a self-leveler, unless you need to address some leveling or other issues.  As simpler way to obtain your objective #if I understand your goal correctly# is to remove the floor and grind and polish the floor.  The floor may need some repairs, but it is much more likely to a homeowner or entry level contractor project than what I believe you may be attempting to take on.

I hope this helps!  Feel free to contact me further through my website


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