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QUESTION: Hi Im a 19 year old heavyweight boxer and i need a big strong neck to help absorb better punches. Now I currently have a 16-16 1/2 inch neck and my goal is a 19 inch neck. Ive been doing neck bridges for about a month and just recently i hurt my neck because of lack of warm-up and my head kept slipping when i was doing it. Now im sure i injured a disc in my neck and im afraid to bridge now. Its not extreme or anything. Just when i put any strain or put my neck at certain angles i feel a sharp pinch around that disc.
So my question to you is how should i go about training my neck to reach my goal and when should i start to bridge again without making my injury worse?

First of all, if you did injure your neck you should find out how bad.  Getting a proper examination by a cervical spine specialist would be a smart first step.  Is there subluxation or mis- alignment? Is there disc involvement and if so to what degree?
As a boxer, if you would like to have a long career, your best chance would be to have an Upper Cervical Specific Doctor in your corner.
Not only is this the sensible choice to get out of the trouble you are in now, but just as importantly to provide you with a strong and stable and properly aligned cervical spine in going forward.
Once you are in a stable position, then and only then would you be ready to strengthen properly and get the most that you possibly can out of your body.  
We see Boxers, MMA fighters, Football players, Lacrosse, Hockey etc. and we always teach to stabilize and properly align first, then we teach to strengthen.
If you have any further questions including a possible referral just ask away, I am happy to help you if I can .

All The Best,

Robert Arnone, DC
St Louis, MO

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QUESTION: Thank you. But i felt around the disc and it feels like its sticking out but i dont know if its always like that.

Even if i went light and used maybe a head harness do you think there is anyway to train around it?


The problem is that I do not know the extent of your neck injury so that makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible to give you proper advice.  
For example, you may have a disc problem such as a bulge or herniation, this may require rest and re-alignment of the vertabrae above or below the injury.  Using it more could actually make the injury worse and then you will be forced to make some very important decisions regarding your health and your future.
This is not to be taken lightly until you find out otherwise.
I am sorry if this is not what you are wanting to hear, but I am here to give you sound sensible advice with your health and your future as a top priority.

All The Best,

Dr Robert Arnone  

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