Concussions - Head and Neck Injury/whiplash


Hello the other night I was driving in the dark And hit a curb median I wasn't going to fast I was trying to make a turn my car hit   preety hard I feel like I    might have a whiplash My neck and back  hurts like a was jarred but they fell better But my head hurts and burns on the top of my head Will that go away on it own I don't feel dizzy  Thank you for your time Carolyn


When you have an injury to your head-neck area that is serious.
You need to have films taken such as MRI, CT Scan or X-Ray of the head-neck area.
Once I can analyze these films then I can give you some concrete answers as to what sort of condition you are in and if there is something that you can do to get better.

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Concussions - Head and Neck Injury

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Robert A. Arnone, D.C.


I can answer questions in regards to head or neck injury mainly in regards to youth or adult athletes. In my St Louis Office I have extensive experience in helping Concussion patients and those suffering from Whiplash Injury after a Car Accident. I cannot answer any questions in regards to Medications or Surgeries unless the person is looking for an option to improve or regain their health without Drugs or Surgery.


I am a board certified and licensed doctor that specializes in the head-neck injury in children & adults. I have helped Concussed Athletes from as young as 2 years old to The Professional Level with 90% Results of some improvement, much improvement, or total improvement. My unique approach is very different from what other doctors and hospitals are doing in regards to head-neck injury. We look at a physical aspect of this phenomenon, measure it, analyze it and correct it in order to achieve the amazing results that we are seeing.

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NHL Star Player from St Louis Blues - Problem was shown to him, then corrected, within a few short months he was back and playing with no problems after being out for a year. 10 year old Lacrosse Star-Had Concussion and exhibited fatigue following. We corrected the head-neck mis-alignment and he was better by the next day.

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