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QUESTION: I was rear-ended as I has stopped to make a left turn last Dec..
I had been previously been hit in 2008 in a similar scenario at a much higher speed.I did not get treated in 2008 because the pain went away a day or two later.I wanted to be honest and took a check for $500.Some time later I began having pain and stiffnes and just lived w/ it never making the connection.
When I got hit last Dec.. I ended feeling worse and 3 mos. later began physical therapy.It has been about 8 weeks and I have some days better than others but had begun to get headaches at the base of my skull and the stiffness in shoulders havent completely went away.I soemtimes am sore a day or two after therapy.But feel a little better after that.I cannot lift anything too heavy or that makes my symptoms worse.I also get pain in tops of arms and pulling off a pullover shirt was something I didnt use to have any difficulty, but will get pain from it.I also have been getting dizzy over the past few weeks and do not know if that is related.My doctor did say I had a touch of arthritis(which I assume was from the non treatment of the 2008 accident.), right before I went to physical therapy.I am never really comfortable and mindful how certain activities will affect my neck/shoulders.
The therapy that i have had include stretches, massage, and lying on a table on a device that pulls my neck and releases.This is when I started noticing my headaches at the base of my skull.I only had a couple of those and didnt want anymore of that.
I continue to use ice on some days for pain.What should I do next?
I'm wanting to be honest in dealings w/ the at fault parties insurance,but am also concerned about damages done to me.How can I expect the insurance to pay up if I've been told I have a touch of arthritis (probably from 2008 whiplash).I don't know how I should go about it?But mostly I want to get well and hopefully not be permanently damaged.(i also was a victim of a rear-end hit and run when i was a child.My dad and I were hit.I was in the back seat and was thrown against the back of the passenger seat and slammed back into my seat...Any information and advise on the whole picture is appreciated.
Thanks so much

You need to seek out proper care and if you were hurt from a car accident, that is what the insurance is for, use it.  Your health is the most important thing you own right?  Well inside the head-neck junction is the most important part of your body, your brainstem.  Seek out the care from a specialist.  If you need my assistance in trying to locate one send me your town and zip code.  I must warn you though that most states have about 2 or 3 specialists and if I don't know them or cannot recommend them after investigating then I simply won't recommend them.  You would then have to go to the next closest one that I could recommend.  Many people have to travel far for this specialized care.  I.E. We have many people that come to our St Louis office from other states and even other countries.
Get proper care now before your problems set in and become deep seeded.
All The Best,
Dr Robert Arnone
St Louis, MO

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QUESTION: Thanks for responding.I haven't had physical therapy for about a wk. and a half.I've not been as uncomfortable and the pain is less.
*But I also have been taking Mobic and an occasional muscle relaxer.
*I was referred to a neurosurgeon after the physical therapy.I was informed of a pinched nerve.Asked if I had numbness in fingers or arm pain.
*Pain in arms only when I use alot of pressure to push on something.But I also have been very careful to not lift anything heavier than a jug of milk.Fearing I would have pain, as in the past when I made that mistake.
*I also feel uncomfortable sleeping on my side.I just dont do it and haven't for a long time.
*I have a pinched nerve on my right side..disk c5 ? The neurosurgeon says he thinks its muscle related and not that.I felt rushed and didnt remember my questions.
*Will I have complications from this pinched nerve?
I have noticed some tingling, but am so used to just surviving being uncomfortable that I tend to ignore myself subconsciously.
I feel my neck gets tired of holding my head if that makes any sense.
I just need to know what are the steps I need to take to ensure I'll be really ok and not permanently damaged.?
I may need to go to work.I'm concerned that phones and certain ways of holding my head will cause me to be miserable and I wont be able to stand it for long periods of time.
*Neurosurgeon sounded like he assumed it was more aging.But I read that whiplash can speed up process of some things.I am fixing to be divorced and need to make sure I can be well for my future and be able to work w/o wondering if I signed off to quickly w/ insurance like I did in the past..
Thanks and I apologize if this was long, I wanted to throw as much information out there as possible.
My zip code :24219 city :Big Stone Gap

Are you close to other bordering states?
I am not finding any specialists in Virginia that I can recommend at this time.
Robert Arnone, DC
St Louis, Missouri 63141

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QUESTION: I am close to East Tennessee...Also, if you find that there
isn't a place that you might recommend,would you give some feedback
regarding the additional response I posted? I'm not sure how to proceed
as I live in a rural area and hope to figure out what I should do next?Your suggestions are very much appreciated.
Thank you,

Mr Ross,
I am having a hard time with locating a specialists in your area. I do have someone in Ohio that I could  recommend.  You are in need of seeing a proper doctor to get you the best results for now and  for your future.
Do not let this go uncorrected because it will likely cause you more trouble down the road.
Let me know what you would like to do and we can take it from there.

All the best,

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I can answer questions in regards to head or neck injury mainly in regards to youth or adult athletes. In my St Louis Office I have extensive experience in helping Concussion patients and those suffering from Whiplash Injury after a Car Accident. I cannot answer any questions in regards to Medications or Surgeries unless the person is looking for an option to improve or regain their health without Drugs or Surgery.


I am a board certified and licensed doctor that specializes in the head-neck injury in children & adults. I have helped Concussed Athletes from as young as 2 years old to The Professional Level with 90% Results of some improvement, much improvement, or total improvement. My unique approach is very different from what other doctors and hospitals are doing in regards to head-neck injury. We look at a physical aspect of this phenomenon, measure it, analyze it and correct it in order to achieve the amazing results that we are seeing.

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