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I am 54 female.
May 21,a few months ago, I fell and hit my head. I landed on the crown of my head. I went to the ER and the Dr said it was fine. Amazingly enough the pain didn't start until later that day. So after a few weeks or so, I went to physical therapy. Physical Therapy gave me exercises.After a couple weeks the pain was a bare minimum. So I quit the exercises and the pain came back 2 days ago. I put some ice on it and my head pain went away. But then I had a pain in my neck.
So I put an ice pack on my neck and now my head hurts again!

So my question for you is this: Does pain actually move or am I going crazy?
I'm out of ideas and would appreciate any help.

Miss Joyce,
When you fall on the top of your head, that is severe. This is the way that Christopher Reeves had fallen and he fractured his top two vertebrae in his neck. Luckily your fall was not severe enough to fracture your neck like his was.
What is highly likely in your case, was that those top two bones received force and pressure which misaligns the vertebrae. Physical therapy exercises are not sufficient to make the proper correction for you to truly get well. This would require the precise attention of a head-neck injury specialist.
As a head-neck injury specialist with advanced training in the Brainstem Procedure, I would be happy to analyze any films that you may have had done. Anything that shows the head-neck area would show me the problem and allow me to know for certain if this what is causing your trouble.
Since the upper neck surrounds the lower Brainstem which feeds the head and brain with mental impulse, any injury to this area can cause neck and head pain or other symptoms.
Furthermore, the lower Brainstem is also where all of your nerves pass through and is either directly or indirectly associated with all nerve tracts and therefore all function in the body is controlled and coordinated from here.
As I always say, Nothing Trumps your Brainstem, as far as the most important part of your entire body goes, this is IT.
If you are able to send pictures via email or put them on a website or send them to my office, whichever is easier for you...
Here to help,

Dr Robert Arnone
Saint Louis, MO

Concussions - Head and Neck Injury

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I can answer questions in regards to head or neck injury mainly in regards to youth or adult athletes. In my St Louis Office I have extensive experience in helping Concussion patients and those suffering from Whiplash Injury after a Car Accident. I cannot answer any questions in regards to Medications or Surgeries unless the person is looking for an option to improve or regain their health without Drugs or Surgery.


I am a board certified and licensed doctor that specializes in the head-neck injury in children & adults. I have helped Concussed Athletes from as young as 2 years old to The Professional Level with 90% Results of some improvement, much improvement, or total improvement. My unique approach is very different from what other doctors and hospitals are doing in regards to head-neck injury. We look at a physical aspect of this phenomenon, measure it, analyze it and correct it in order to achieve the amazing results that we are seeing.

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