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uncle duke wrote at 2013-06-18 23:41:08
We were taught to just simply count , , etc.  5/4 means 5 beats to a measure (5) and the 4 means a quarter note gets one beat. Hence 5/4 time. I didn't realize drum music had half notes-quarter notes. That's new to me but I was a brass player back in the day. Here's my opinion about your instructor though- he/she is blowing smoke and wasting time with a question like that. Get a score for "Take Five" and remember to count , for each measure. The 2+3-3+2 method might work but that is like going back and reinventing the wheel. It (take five) can move pretty quickly after learned. The teacher we had said back in the late  50's-early 60's he and others tried different ways of counting 5/4 and the above method was the simplest. We learned it in 1983-84.  


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