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Conifers/italian cypress


Chuck S. wrote at 2013-01-21 22:00:53
Resolved a similar problem by:

1. hammering into the ground four-foot long, half-inch diameter sections of rebar adjacent to the tree trunks, in progress verifying perpendicularity with a level and leaving about two feet exposed above-ground

2. hammering three two-foot long, half-inch diameter sections of rebar surrounding the exposed rebar for additional stability, leaving six-inches exposed above-ground and in progress re-verifying perpendicularity of the exposed two-foot section of rebar;

3. sliding ten-foot half-inch diameter sections of steel electrical conduit over the two feet of exposed rebar (deburring the tops of the rebar so the electrical conduit would slide over as necessary),

4. attaching the tree trunks to the vertical electrical conduit using nylon cable ties inserted through sections of half-inch diameter plastic tubing to avoid cutting into the tree trunk.

Tools required:  Safety glasses, leather work gloves, hammer, drill, extension cord, metal grinding point, shears to cut tubing and cable ties, minimum eight-foot A-frame ladder.


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