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Conifers/Trees with smaller root system


We recently purchased property in Pinon Hills, CA which is near Wrightwood but still considered "high desert".  We have unfortunately had to remove 3 large pine trees as they were tearing up our concrete patio and driveway, profusely dropping sap on our cars and pets covered with sap.  Anyhow, we would like to replace them with some not so intrusive trees.  Are there any you recommend which may have a smaller root system and thrive in our climate?  I would like something which will give us shade and add privacy as well. Thank you for your time.  (oh I am allergic to ash trees ;)

Here is a list of trees and the room they might need. The species you want will depend on the area to plant it in and what type of tree--flowering. Fall color etc. It would be difficult for me to pick onefor you without knowing the planting site --you should be able to decide from the list.


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