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Conifers/invasive pine tree feeder roots


I have a large long-needle pine tree (planted by previous owner), planted in a small growing area. The feeders are breaking off my sprinkler heads or wrapping themselves around the sprinklers. I have to cut them off just replace the heads. How can I keep them away from the sprinklers after I cut the invasive areas out? Will they continue in their growth direction or redirect?

Root will tend to grow toward a water source if there is a leak especially. There are root barriers that can be put a round the sprinkler heads that would cause the roots to grow around the sprinkler. Since it looks like you will be digging the area up around the heads effected I would try placing a barrier around the head. Here is one that is sold on Amazon that should work It looks like there are several widths so you may want to contact the supplier and get a width that suits your situation. This should revert the roots from getting into the sprinkler heads.  Here is the link to this product.


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