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I purchased a weeping norwegian spruce a couple weeks ago.  It was already in bad shape when i bought it but i usually am good for buying half dead stuff and then bringing them back.  It had an almost bare part on one side with no needles and quite a few brown weeping branches.  I noticed yesterday that a pile of needles all the way around my tree on the ground.  We did have a bad storm and quite a bit of wind, but i didn't think it's common to lose needles like this.  Could it be in shock from planting it? What do you recommend?  I will start watering it daily to make sure it's getting enough water.

If the spruce had brown needles when you bought it these are probably what has fallen off. They were dead when you bought the plant. Conifers do not grow new needles back where they drop off. Any new growth will come from  the top or ends of the branches. Since I do not know the circumstances of the planting (how long it was between buying and planting, if the plant had dried out before planting, how deep it was planted, I can not say wither it is shock form the planting or not. I would recommend that you check the soil around the plant and if it is dry down a couple of inches then water. Too much water can be as bad as too little. The rest you will just have to wait and see. It is not a good idea to buy plants that look bad at the nursery OR if you do get a very deep discount so when it dies you have not lost much money. Sorry


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