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Hi Jim. I live in a zone 3 part of northwest Ontario, Canada. I have been able to grow a Hicks Yew for many years. Unfortunately, it suffered extreme browning from winter sun and wind 2 years ago and is now bare except at the base where it is green and healthy having been protected by the snow line.  My question is: will it regenerate from the bare branches, from the main stem or not at all?  
Thank you so much.

You need to first see if the branch is still alive. Start near the end of the branch and scrape a small bit of bark off and if the color under the bark is green the branch is still alive at this point on the branch. If the color is brown the branch is dead at this point on the branch. If brown continue down the branch scarping at intervals until you find green or reach the main trunk. If you find green I would wait and see if the tree sprouts new foliage. Most conifers do not leaf out again if the foliage is gone but yews are a little different and some will sprout new growth. IF it does not I would cut the dead branches off and let eh remaining foliage grow and it should over time grow into a tree shape again. I hope this answers your question.  


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