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Hello, I have these 3 what I believe are blue juniper bushes that I like a lot. They have been there for a long time but our deer overpopulation problem finally got the deer to eating them last winter. They are looking quite rough this spring and my question is, will these survive? the backs are mostly eaten away and the front sides where the deer wont go because of the driveway have turned mostly yellow. Do the eaten away and yellow areas ever return, if so i'd burlap them next winter, if not I'll likely replace them with the same bush...and of course burlap them over the winter.

Thanks for any help


Conifers unlike hardwood trees do not re foliate after the needles have be killed. Sorry the branches with foliage that is dead will lose the needles. Ones that are eaten and still have some green may grow back. But the ones in the pictures that are brown will not survive.Sorry. Here is a link to information on preventing deer damage


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