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Conifers/5" "SS" European Tree


Yvonne wrote at 2009-12-12 04:10:20
Well, when you buy one of those live christmas trees , the best thing you can do is look at the back side of the "from-to-To" caard stick AKA "Live christmas Tree" stick note and on the backside it has care intructions, if you want to keep it inside , after christmas , plant in a large ceramic pot with moisture retaining potting soil because they dry out easily, make sure you put it outside often.They are like little evergreen trees, they stay green all year round, and i am sure that the cold doesnt harm them, as soon as i bought mine i re-potted it in a bigger pot immediately because the roots in the very small sized color pot that its already in when you buy it is too small for it , the roots can get very crowded fast. you can also buy 'Miracle-Grow' plant food spikes, which are very cheap like 1.92 for 24 sticks? and they last a while. use mulch to if you were to put it in a pot or outsideto keep pests away , and soil-born diseases.Mulch keeps weeds out as well, have a merry christmas...

Jenn wrote at 2009-12-28 15:28:32
This is very belated but I had the same question this year and found the answer. If you look at the small print under where it says "European Tree" it has the genus name. Mine, it turns out, is actually a Lawson's Cypress "Ellwoodii". It's an excellent tree for bonsai although it is rather touchy about how much water it gets. Just google the genus name for more on your tree

joh515 wrote at 2010-01-18 14:16:55
Mine has info on it.  European Tree - native to S.C. and Oregon.  Keep soil moist.  Place in bright indirect sunlight indoors.  After holidays transfer to larger pot or plant outdoors.  Grows 8-15' tall.  Does well in ave. temp. of 65-76 in zones 5-10.  Liquid fertilizer monthly at 1/2 the labeled recommendation.  

JW wrote at 2010-04-03 18:46:51
I found this info for my Wal-Mart tree. Hope this is helpfull.

Jeff wrote at 2013-12-23 00:34:23
european cypress.outdoor  plant. hardy to -5 F.tolerant to 115 F. part to full sun 5-6 hrs a day. Moist to slightly moist watering.

Rob wrote at 2015-01-04 04:51:34
They like to be put outside EVEYNIGHT. They are evergreens after all. Try not to shock the root system by too abrupt a change. Perfect scenario: Unball the root system gently and repot, bring them indoors for a few hours every night and care for them as a baby til spring. Then plant outdoors in full sun. and watch them grow. I bought all 10 healthy ones my local Wally had. doing great. Hope the glitter falls off soon!

rob wrote at 2015-01-04 04:56:57
I also am going to use 7 of the 10 trees I bought as bonsai. never knew it was recommended for it but the shape and needle size is perfect!


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