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Hello Rabbi,
I was wondering, how to Conservative Jewish Women have to dress, can they wear pants, or do they have to wear long skirts like the Orthodox? And do men always have to wear a head covering, and a tzitzit? I'm asking these questions, because me and my family were raised as non observant Jews, but we are now currently, looking for a sect of Judaism to join!!!


Dear Samuel,

Thanks for writing.

Please let me encourage you to overlook "clothing" for yourself and your family and begin meeting with representative Rabbis of the various movements or denominations (preferred terms to "sects" of Judaism).

Yes there are stricter, more fundamentalistic denominations with their own sub-divisions and identifications (Orthodox, Modern Orthodox, Ultra Orthodox, Hassidic) and more modern groups, one of which is Conservative / Masorti Judaism which is historical and blends modernity with tradition.

These meetings with various Rabbis can in part help you find and establish a relationship with a person who can mentor your family and is close to your values and emotional intellectual searching. In addition, you probably all need an adult Jewish education - that's in contrast to the education received as children in a religious school, if that.

Judaism is an intellectual as well as faith and commandments religious way of life. Informed affiliation and then adoption of a movement and one of its synagogues - and synagogues in the same denomination will also frequently have different "characteristics."

If you need assistance in finding a congregation and/or a Rabbi please let me know

Rabbi Dov

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