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Scripture,when studying the surface English text of the o.t., seems to indicate that japheth was the eldest son of Noah, even though shem is listed as the first born when they are mentioned in scripture. See Gen.5:32!

If japheth is the eldest, why is shem mentioned first and japheth last? What is your rabbinical perspective on this topic?


Dear Al,

Thanks for writing. Sorry for the delay but my Rabbinic plate has been full!

You are correct in noting that there is a discrepancy in the listed order of birth.

It is "Shem, Ham, and Japheth" in Genesis 5:32 and 9:18, but in reverse order in chapter 10 when speaking of their descendents.

I assume that you have noted the differing translations in the King James and the Revised Standard. Others have noted this in that there is not unanimity of opinion as to which son the Hebrew word "hagadol" = "elder" is referring.

This has been noted in Rabbinic literature and the comment shared (Rashi - 10th century) reflects this suggestions that although Japheth may have been the eldest, Shem is mentioned first because he was most righteous, a legend that he was born circumcised and that he was the ancestor of Abraham.

However, this is far from the first of inconsistencies, contradictions and open-ended questions with which we are required to study further within our respective historical and theological perspectives.

Thanks for writing.

Rabbi Dov

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