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Hello Rabbi and thank you for taking my question:

    I would like to know two things; 1) Christians are under the impression that Jews believe that their relationship and good standing with G-d relies on following the Law. I Was recently told by a rabbi that that is not true and that the Jew believes it depends on G-d's grace....which is true.
    2) I would like to know what Jewish people believe happens to a person after death - I was was told that their "Spirit," (For lack of a better word) gets carried into the next life by their male heir.

Dear Pete,

Thanks for writing and my "plate has been full in terms of time." thanks for understanding

1. I am answering a theological question as a singular Conservative Jewish opinion. My answer is that one's personal relationship with the divine is a dynamic one, involving several known elements: (1) one's perception and interpretation of Jewish law and custom in collaboration with his/her Rabbi; (2) one's personal circumstances, e.g. education, need for an income, single parent, children with issues, medical conditions, etc.' (3) how the individual relates to other human beings, Jews and non-Jews, in terms of all the legal and customary expectations of respecting each human life as possessing sanctity; (4) participation in and with a Jewish community and the larger human community consistent with Jewish values and commandments; and (5) whatever we do not "know" about how the divine plan truly works in details.

"Grace" is a construct of interpretation, and I do not believe that we are in any way expected to ignore our responsibilities or even fulfill them less than we we are able, and then depend upon God's grace for a healthy relationship.

2. What happens to the human "spirit" after death is a belief that falls within a wide range of opinions, but not related to the gender of one's child.

I suspect that your friend is a more fundamentalist Jewish person, possibly under the influence of a Rabbi or followers of Lubavitch / Aish or the like.

Be careful as there are also Christians posing as Jews (Messianic Hebrews) who pose these kinds of statements consistent with Christian thought, not traditional Jewish thought - except for very extreme positions of Ofrthodoxy.

Best wishes

Rabbi Dov

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