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I am Jewish. I will visit a home for the first time. The owners are not Jewish. Is it customary to bring a bottle of wine?

Dear Fred,

Thanks for writing.

First of all, it is a lovely effort to visit new neighbors or friends in a new home, Jewish or not.

2. There are no hard and fast rules. Not even standard "customs" unless you are part of a group which does have such customs.

3. In terms of wine, yes it is one of the Jewish customs to bring wine. For some they bring wine that they can enjoy as well - e.g. kosher and mevushal. Some make the effort to bring an Israeli wine or a kosher wine from where the residents may have come - e.g. Chile, Australia, California, etc.

4. First time gifts in our family's tradition are based on a tradition of welcoming pilgrims to Jerusalem - bread, salt, coins for charity and/or a bottle of wine.

5. These days in Spring/Summer consider bringing some potted plants - herbs or vegetables as they would not have had time to set up a garden. They can be window planters or outside plants.

6. We also bring roses from our home during the growing season as I maintain about 50 "hybrid tea roses" of various colors, perfumes and varieties. Fresh roses in a vase are very much appreciated, and you are sharing something little of your own home to their home.

Best wishes and congratulations on your thoughtfulness.

Rabbi Dov

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