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I am going to visit my young nephew (family is reform/conservative) this weekend and wanted to bring him a book I found in a store. It is the story of the Old Testament in comic book form, illustrated with biblical scenes and people entirely recreated out of Lego pieces. I thought this would be a very interesting way to learn. I noticed, though, that in many of the captions (everything is in English), they spell out "Yahweh." I thought this was not acceptable, but perhaps it is? Thank you for your answer.

Dear Paulette

Thank you for writing and accept my thanks for your sensitivities.

If the word "Yahweh" is used, this often indicates that the book has a perspective which is more if not completely Christian. I would discourage it speaking very generally and not seeing it.

There is no such word. In German, early Bible scholars transliterated the Tetragrammaton - 4 letter name of God never pronounced - with the JHWH, and they translated this to English, the J became a Y.

The reason we can't pronounce the word/name is that the vowels that are printed in Hebrew books when the word is vocalized are borrowed from another Hebrew word, the vowels from a word that means "my/our Lord" meaning master.

The root of the word is apparently an attempt to use a minimum number of letters recombined to state "past/present/future" existence.  Hence, the name somehow signifies or did at least what we now call "the Eternal One."

Good luck and enjoy the family.

Rabbi Dov

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