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  I just saw this film and I wonder if there is a feeling that Hitler and the Nazis were demon possessed or influenced by the devil?  The things they did were so inhuman that they seem inspired by the devil.  What do you think?

Dear Ben,

Thank you for writing.

However, as I don't believe - nor does most normative Judaism that is truly monotheistic - in the existence of any supernatural power or being apart from the one and unique God, I don't believe that Hitler was possessed in that sense.

Was he mentally ill? Was he a psychopath  or a sociopath or evil in his antipathy toward other human beings or just a crazy nationalist with his own dream for the Reich?

I do not have the training or the inclination to speculate about this possibilities.

Hitler existed. He was "enabled" by many different forces, monies, politics, economics, etc. by which he did what he did - and not sufficient human beings were able to distinguish his evil plan from what he almost achieved.

Sad comment on humanity and an important call and reminder for us to be vigilant in examining the decisions we are asked to make in life.

Best wishes

Rabbi Dov

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