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Conservative Judaism/Jewish Funeral For a Scientologist


I am very confused as to why Scientologist David Gaiman was allowed to have a Jewish funeral and memorial service. Given that he was quite a prominent Scientologist as well, wouldn't he have been considered a kofer and thus unable to have a levaya?

Dear Nicole,

Thank you for writing.

In general, it is a principle that a Jew, even if he sins, remains a Jew and is treated accordingly, Talmud Bavli Sandhedrin 44a.

Jacob Katz has written that the interpretation of this statement has changed over time (Halakhah ve-Kabbalah, pp. 255-269) .

Originally the statement was referring to the "People Israel," and not an individual.  During the Middle Ages  the phrase took on the halakhic=Jewish legal meaning of, “Even though a Jew may sin, even convert from Judaism, they are still a Jew,”  following Abraham Berliner, attributing the change in meaning to Rashi (11th century) and the context of conversions, both to and from Judaism.

Thus, I can understand a Jewish community respecting even a convert from Judaism with a Jewish funeral and burial.

However, today there are Rabbis who do respect an adult decision to convert out of Judaism even as we respect the decision of someone not born a Jew to formally convert to Judaism from another faith. There are some who would deny the Jew the choice to convert out of Judaism.

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Rabbi Dov

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