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dear rabbi, i have no friends or brothers or sisters. no one's ever wanted to be my friend since I was a little girl. it was always like that. i'm 25 now. my father left the family without looking back, and my mother ignores me most of the time. i have no brothers or sisters. i have some cousins but they dont talk to me much. i am depressed most of the time. i was told by a psychic once my father did not want me. when i was little i attended an ultra orthodox kindergarten where everyone believed that god existed even though my family wasnt ultra orthodox. everything turned out wrong for me even though i believed in god and tried my best. now everyone just bullies me all the time. i dont have the strength in me to go on. please help me?

Dear Ana,

Thank you for reaching out for assistance and advice.

You are describing a very difficult set of circumstances and I would urge you to reach out promptly to a local physician or hospital for the professional assistance you are seeking.

You may in time wish to consult a Rabbi, but for the moment you are entitled to have emotional and social support within the community.

Best wishes

Rabbi Dov

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