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Do you or other members of the Jewish faith believe that you are better than me in ANY way, due to being the "chosen" ones?

I follow no religion.

Dear Joe,

Thank you for writing, and your question is an important one.

I should begin by saying that I am writing as an individual Rabbi, and I certainly can not speak for all Jews.

In my opinion, and for the 50 years in which I have led congregations and taught both in my own congregation and in many inter-faith occasions, there is absolutely no way in which someone born into a Jewish family or converts to Judaism is superior to anyone else - religious or not of any faith.

I have always interpreted the Biblical text to mean that historically Jews were apparently the first to choose to follow a religious path personally and socially in our approach, rules and customs. Thereafter, at least in Western civilization, two other religious traditions grew out of the Jewish tradition, which Jews respect as equally valid for their respective adherent as Judaism.  

We were given the gift of a Jewish path in life consistent with our understanding of making the world a better place for all humanity. No one has to become Jewish to either also contribute to a better world for all and/or experience whatever is meant by salvation.

Let's hope that soon peace will come to all humanity with respect and justice for everyone.

Rabbi Dov  

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