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Is it true that orthodox jews change their blinds and or other window coverings according to the females menstrual cycle? Please tell me about this and why. Im a 45c year old christian and live near a large population of orthodox jews.

Dear Michael,

Thanks for writing.

First of all, I've never heard of such a custom or practice let alone a law or rule. So much for either my knowledge as a traditional Rabbi for 50 years or my ignorance!  :-)

Secondly, such a practice would overtly violate the modesty surrounding a married woman's menstrual cycle. You should know that a married menstruating woman will go to a ritual bath after roughly a week of cessation of her period before resuming sexual relations with her husband.

The rules surrounding the building of a mikveh - housing of the ritual bath pool(s) - require as much privacy as possible such that no one except the woman who serves as a matron at the mikveh knows who is coming to the mikveh - appointments are made privately and discreetly - to mark the end of their menstrual period.

How could a home advertise publicly using their shades or blinds the menstrual status of a wife?

To me it would be a complete violation of modesty - and someone may be pulling your leg.

Best wishes

Rabbi Dov

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