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Hello Rabbi,

I am a member of a shul but a very irregular attendee. I go once or twice a year at the Saturday morning shacharit mostly to see my friends, but to little else. This is probably due to a midlife crisis type experience where I have been evaluating my life purpose and where I have been. I have come out the other end of this with a renewed zest for life and a feeling that every day is precious and meaningful.

I am missing involvement in the Jewish community even though I am busy with other things - I am also a Rotarian and a Freemason. I love both of these but want to reconnect with my Jewish life.

What is the best way for someone who has had little involvement to gradually reconnect and to do so in a sustainable way?

Thank you for your assistance and advice Rabbi.


Dear David,

Thank you for writing, and I admire your choices to reconnect with the Jewish community.

This will be good for you and for them, and the support of a community is a value which is
hard to measure.

The first step, in my opinion, is to visit your choices of congregations, evaluate as best you can by simply visiting once or twice, and then make an appointment to discuss your search for ways in which you can reconnect - personally, intellectually, spiritually .

Good luck

Rabbi Dov

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