When people complain about the extra costs of 0-care, I often hear (from the left) that we would be paying for it anyway when poor people visit the emergency room and get treated for free. Is this entirely true?

Yes and no. Before Obamacare, when someone got sick and had no insurance, they went to the hospital emergency room, and the hospital HAD to treat them. It was/is the law. The problem there is twofold, first they only treated them until they were stable, then they kicked them out, and secondly the hospital would be reimbursed by the State or Federal government through the taxes we pay. If you paid income tax or property tax, Your county, or State, and/or the feds took some money from you to give to the hospital.

With Obamacare, everyone's personal health insurance will go up to pay for the few that will receive Obamacare. So instead of everyone who owns property having taxes going up $100 this year so the State (or county) can give the hospital something, Obamacare will force health insurance companies to cover those costs, my (and your) personal health insurance will go $100 per month (maybe more, maybe less - but will go up) to help defray the costs that the Obamacare user will eventually run up.

That's why the insurance companies like Obamacare. Starting January first, they're going to make a bundle from everyone who has health insurance. The kicker is, that because there is such a large deductible in Obamacare ($6,000) for a single person. Those future Obamacare people may continue going to the emergency room instead of signing up because thy aren't going to pay $6,000 AND monthly premiums. However, our premiums will go up because the insurance companies have to afford them (Obamacare folks) a certain level of medical assistance.

I just read somewhere that in New York, doctors and some hospitals are notifying patients that the Obamacare user must pay their deductible up front before they are going to get services. Who are they kidding? Who is going to pay $6,000 worth of medical expenses before they can get their Obamacare benefits?

So the difference is in who pays and how much - as you are about to personally discover if you currently have health insurance.


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