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Conservatives/Reagan and Bush: Increased National Debt?


Did Reagan really triple the national debt? And did Bush really double it?

If they did, how was it increased? By war?

How does the tripling and doubling of the national debt compare to other, Liberal presidents? Have Liberal presidents increased the debt more or less than this?


I'm not sure about the numbers, but the essence of your statement is true. Reagan got the Democrats in Congress to reduce tax levels with the belief that the subsequent increased economic improvement would make up for the reduced tax levels with more revenue. What he didn't count on was that Congress would increase spending way past the new revenue levels.

The Bush situation was slightly different. 9/11 brought a sharp decline in economic activity. In order to improve that activity, Bush got Congress to reduce taxes. Unfortunately, there was no way to pay for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, so they just printed money instead of trying to balancing the budget.

However, both of them are "pikers" (small change, insignificant)when compared to Obama. In 6 years Obama has spent more than both of them combined. I believe he has exceeded the national debt of all the Presidents comined. Although, again I'm not 100% sure on the numbers.  


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