How do you feel about the legalization of weed? After 55 years I can look back and see that most of my friends, especially the ones with potential, and  that were regular users in the 70's and 80's, have not lived up to that potential. Most are single or divorced, with low paying jobs, and other issues. Then I look at myself and a few other friends, with less advantages, we were beer drinkers and occasional puffers (if it was there)My group is generally successfull.
Have you also encountered this? Do you think the pro pot people of today will be the losers of tomorrow?
I know they will compare it to booze, but if you are an alcoholic-it will affect you life enough to make you QUIT. How many pot users think they are just fine and not 'chronics'? Thanks!

The legalization of any additional drug does nothing to assist a society. Whatever problems exist with a percentage of the population being drunk or high, will only increase if the number of people who are high increases. The problems won't lesson (except for law enforcement maybe). When a person is high they are not producing anything of substance, unless maybe if they can paint while they're high.

My history with people has been that those people who were chronic user of marijuana were more concerned with getting and staying high rather than achieving anything. Some went on to harder drugs, some became "burned out," and some just sort of stayed where they were in their emotional development. There was little growth that saw in 99% of them.


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