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Conservatives/Question on Obama from a Dennis Miller Joke. The three prophets of Obama.



Recently on the O'Reilly Factor Dennis Miller was on. And he gave a runndown of complaints about the Obama administration. And he ended with a joke about the three prophets of Obama.

They were Rahm Emmanuel, Jeremiah Wright, and Isaiah something.
I am not sure if I heard him correctly, because I don't think Emmanuel is a prophet unless he is referring to emanuel like Jesus.

Jeremiah Wright is referring to the prophet Jeremiah. And he ended with Isaiah something. I was wondering if you know of someone important in the Obama administration infamous among  conservatives who has Isaiah in the name that Dennis Miller could have been meaning?? I have been doing looking online typing in Isaiah but no names in politics with that in there.

Thank you for your help.


I think Miller was mixing his metaphors. There is mention of Emmanuel in the Book of Isiah and that's probably close enough for Miller.

I know of no one in Obama's administration with the name of Isaiah, unless Miller was referring to Isaiah Thomas, point guard for the Sacramento Kings. He may think Thomas is a spiritual leader for Obama. It's hard to follow Miller at times (usually all the time).


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